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Our Story

‘Leather’, ‘handcrafted’, ‘classy’ - words that reflect exclusivity and premium indulgence.
Here at Tanned Leather, awaits you a journey full of elegance and comfort, engrained with luxury!
Tanned Leather does not stand as a large luxurious business house, rather, it aims to generate the warmth of a home. Our inspiration roots from the lounge of my own home, where we laid the blueprint of something durable and exemplary; something that elevates above the common refine-based products.
Mass manufactured bean bags tend to get rugged and patchy within a season, on the other hand our quality leather goods age gracefully as their comfort amplifies with passing time. Our experienced artisans handcraft all products with non stretched leather, retaining the grain of originality. We hold firm confidence in our product quality - reflected in our ‘no questions asked’ return policy!

100% Australian Based, Owned & Operated