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Can I change my order if I change my mind?

Certainly, you can change your order at no cost providing it has not been filled or despatched already. Should you wish to make a change then please contact us via phone or email quoting your order number.

What happens if the bean bag i want is out of stock?
Demand for our bean bags has been very high and despite our best intentions, we may temporarily be out of stock of some items or colours. Our automated ordering service will not allow orders to process when there are stock-outs. Please contact us to find out how long we may be out of stock and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Is it safe to buy online with The Tanned Leather?
Your purchase is secure with us. The Tanned Leather is an online retailer of designer bean bags. We aren't a bank. That is why we use Australia's most trusted payment provider - Securepay - to process our transactions. We have full SSL certification please take note of the padlock on the ordering page.

What if i want to purchase in quantity?
We have many requests for functions and multi-purchases. We offer discount on such bulk purchases to private consumers and non-wholesale businesses. If you would like to enquire about a bulk discount, please use our contact form only orders of 10 or more will be considered for any discounts.

Does my bean bag come filled?
Logistically and economically it is not feasible to ship your Bean Bag filled. Instead your Bean Bag is conveniently flat packed with filling instructions and care details ready to be filled.

Where do I buy the filling for my Bean Bag?
We recommend you fill your Bean Bag with Polystyrene beans/balls (commonly called beans) - this is the most commonly used filling for Bean Bags. most economical way to buy these is in 100 Litre bags which are available in most major department stores i.e.  Big W, Target, K-Mart. The average price for a 100 litre bag of beans is approx $12.

How do I fill my Bean Bag?
It is very easy to fill the bean bag with beans. To avoid the mess we recommend 2 people to complete the job. Each Bag has instructions with recommended amount required for filling - this is a guide and you should fill your Bean Bag until you feel the right comfort level for you.