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Leather! Handcrafted! Classy! These words represent a product that transcends into the realms of indulgence and exclusivity. The Tanned Leather represents the best in luxury. I would take this opportunity to introduce The Tanned Leather, a company that takes you on a journey full of elegance and comfort.

We at Tanned Leather don’t represent business house or a large luxury conglomerate. In fact like many of us, we love to lounge in comfort in the warmth of our home. It was the lounge of my home where we started designing something that, unlike the usual fabric or refine-based products, is durable and exemplary. The Tanned Leather is a fruit of that seed of thought.

The Tanned Leather aims to be a niche player in the home furnishing market, and our aim is to give our clients the best. The low cost assembly line beanbags last for a season and start looking old and patchy. Our handcrafted leather products like beanbags and cushions, on the other hand, look better and feel more comfortable with age. All our products are handcrafted by experienced artisans, with non-stretched leather which allows them to the original grain. In fact we are so confident of our product quality that we give a no questions asked return policy.